Tips for a Winter Home Refresh

With each season our homes should change and reflect the time of year. Bringing in cozy elements for the winter don't have to break the bank. There are so many subtle ways to add a touch of winter to your home during the colder seasons. Here are some creative, low-cost ideas to breathe new life into your home during the winter months!


The key to a winter home aesthetic is a clean, cool feeling. You'll want to declutter and make the space minimal and open so that you can have room to breathe and feel cozy. Start of by decluttering your space, and then only add the coziest elements. 

Swap Out Pillows

Throw pillows are one of the most cost effective ways to change around your decor for the season. In the winter, go for cozy faux fur throw pillows in soft pastel colors or neutral whites and grays. 

Add Lots of Candles

The easiest way to make your home cozy for winter is to add candles. The cozy hygge feelings candles bring can completely transform how you feel in the winter weather months.  

3 Ways to Add Color To Your Home

Are you a color-lover who can't figure out how to break the pattern of neutrals? Maybe you're living in a rental where you’re not allowed to paint, or stuck in a neutral interior--either way it doesn’t mean you can’t surround yourself with colorful hues. Here are three easy ways to add color to your home. 

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