About Us

Our homes tell the stories of our lives.

 Hesby started out of a passion for the little things that make a house a home. We  source colorful products that will bring joy to your homes everyday. We carry products crafted by artisans throughout the globe. Though bohemian, colorful design we blend essential home decor with an elegant, stylish twist to make each and every inch of your home a sanctuary.


Sustainable Practices

We are dedicated to supporting small communities and artisans. We carry a range of products handcrafted by craftspeople across the world to empower highly skilled, dedicated artisans using techniques handed down through the generations. We do our best to feature eco-friendly materials, green production processes, as well as implementing fair labor standards. We always try to source our products and materials using the most environmentally-friendly materials possible derived from nature including rattan, bamboo, and natural dyes. Whenever possible we use recycled materials to pack shipments, and encourage customers to recycle all packaging. A note on the materials we use:

Natural Dyed Textiles

We always look out for the most sustainable dyes possible. Most of our textiles are made from natural dyes, which help minimizing the harmful effects of chemical dyes that not only pollute rivers and waterways, but also affect the health of the people relying on these water sources.



One of the most environmentally friendly materials rattan, is a staple in many of our products. It is renewable, and using rattan rather than wood helps preserve forests and prevent deforestation.



Many of our products, including some baskets and rugs, are crafted of sisal, a flowering plant that yields a durable tough fiber that is durable and sustainable.